After three years of a pioneering conference in Mexico, we are proud to announce the II International Conference on Arabica Naturals. The shift towards espresso based coffee consumption, its intense aroma and sweetness, intrinsic fruit-rich flavors and full bodied profiles, apart from climate change and water scarcity worldwide, are some of the factors that are placing Arabica Naturals back in the international specialty markets.

Dry processing science and technology has improved considerably in the past 5 years. We have a better understanding of cherry fermentation and flavor migration processes in Arabica Naturals, to such an extent that we are able to produce clean golden naturals (the name given in many regions to green dry processed coffee beans).

This conference is going to be held in the beautiful surroundings of a historical landmark for coffee, the place of the famous Moka coffee, Yemen. Its capital city, Sana’a, which has been recognized as a Cultural Heritage of Humankind, will host this event in December 13 and 14 of 2010. The famous Moka coffee and old Typica Arabica varieties are the origins of most Arabica varieties still produced in the world.  Yemenis have mastered coffee trading and cropping for many centuries, and have unique ways of roasting, blending and brewing that will be featured during the conference.

The two day program includes cupping, roasting and espresso workshops, presentations and coffee exhibitions of the best Arabica naturals in the world, beginning with a unique selection of the very best Yemeni coffees and Ethiopia’s famous Harrar, Limu and Yirgacheffee; and some less known jewels like Uganda’s Drugar and Mexico’s Atoyac. These and other Arabica Naturals will be shown during the first Arabica Naturals’ international competition that is going to be held during the conference.

Some of the best coffee specialists, master roasters and Q cuppers are going to take part in this event.

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